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The Latest

Labor Day Edition of Tim Hibbs’ “The Latest!” 8/31/14

Noted music attorney and all-round good guy Trip Aldrege recently issued me a challenge on behalf of MusicCares. This challenge does not involve buckets of icewater over the head and the accompanying schadenfreude videos (although, admittedly, some of those are great). Rather, it tasks you to take a picture of yourself with an album that […]


Tim Hibbs Waxes Poetic About Wax & More In The Latest 8-21-14

Contrary to popular belief, the late Carl Sagan never said “billions and billions of stars.” That line came from a parody Johnny Carson did of Sagan on The Tonight Show and it was repeated until fiction became “fact.” I was thinking of that line as I dug through stacks of 45s at the Birmingham Record […]

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