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  • Tim Hibbs Gives You The Latest From Plowboy HQ!

    Here at Plowboy HQ*, we are spend considerable time contemplating the important issues of our day, such as the merits of 12” G.I. Joes vs. the scrawny, shrunken, teeny-tiny ‘80s models (three words: Kung Fu Grip), how turntable RPM speeds were established (thank you, Cecil Adams!), and, above all, the supremely talented Plowboy Records roster! […]

  • GW photo

    The Ghost Wolves Premiere ‘Shotgun Pistol Grip’ via The Austin Chronicle

    “Grandma’s a rebel, raised by the devil.” So shout Jonny and Carley Wolf in the coda to the Ghost Wolves’ “Shotgun Pistol Grip,” reminding us all that the best refrains are often the simplest. Speaking of primitive perfection, the local stomp ‘n’ roll duo’s she-wolf guitarist/singer Carley sheds five strands of steel on “Shotgun Pistol […]

  • Video Premiere: Buzz Cason, “Troubadour Heart” via American Songwriter

    The Artist: Rockabilly Hall of Famer Buzz Cason — a country stalwart whose songs have been covered by The Beatles, Pearl Jam and U2. The Video: “Troubadour Heart” is the title track of the Buzz Cason’s new studio album, out now on Plowboy Records. Fun Fact: Muscle Shoals songwriting vet Dan Penn and Rolling Stones […]

  • Chuck Mead Free State Serenade Cover

    From Love To Murder To UFOs, A Dark ‘Serenade’ To Kansas – Chuck Mead on NPR

    “Nashville is where you go to make country music,” Chuck Mead says. “There’s a certain song vibration down here. There’s a whole songwriting culture and playing culture that really doesn’t exist outside of New York, or Los Angeles or Chicago.” Mead arrived in Nashville 20 years ago and fit right in: He co-founded the Grammy-nominated […]