Country Music Hall of Fame History, The Ghost Wolves Saved By Italian Stallions & Blackfoot Gypsies Goodness In The Latest By Tim Hibbs 10/30/15

“Life’s Not Fair, It Never Was, It Won’t Ever Be.” -Matthew McConaughey Whoa, wtf, did I just quote Matthew McConaughey?!? Yeah, I guess I did. The above line, from his commencement speech to University of Houston graduates last May, may not be Shakespearean but it is true, mostly. While life can dish out its share

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Plowboy Records Announces New Peter Noone Single “I Can’t Imagine ( A Tribute To John Lennon)” for 10/9/15

PLOWBOY RECORDS PROUDLY PRESENTS “I CAN’T IMAGINE (A TRIBUTE TO JOHN LENNON)” A NEW SINGLE BY PETER NOONE~INSPIRED BY JOHN LENNON~ ~OCTOBER 9, 2015~ New York, NY–October 9, 2015 would have been John Lennon’s 75th birthday. In honor of that event, Plowboy Records will release the digital single “I Can’t Imagine (A Tribute To John

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